Welcome to the Quirky Masala family!

For the last ten years, we have lived in New York, California, Texas, India and Thailand and quickly fell in love with the styles and products from all across the world. 

quirky masala team

Eventually our founder moved back home, started a new job but was constantly missing those flavors and goodies she grew accustomed to seeing. 

Her friends would always love the gifts she'd bring them (along with all the great food) but that street market and hidden gems itch wasn't going anywhere. 

So Quirky Masala was born. 

Europe and neighboring Asian countries have so much style and swag that is being adopted by the west. 

Our goal is to bring those latest styles and gadgets to the States so we can all be proud of where we're from or where we're going. 

Our team operates throughout the world curating the cutes and quirkiest products we know our fans will love. 

No matter our backgrounds, there's something to learn from every culture and our goal with Quirky Masala is to celebrate the best of each and be united through our differences. 

We are available 24/7 on email and work Monday to Saturday, 10AM to 7PM, except Saturday's until 3PM.