Vacation Aren't Meant to be Busy

I was in the Andaman Islands years ago, one of the hidden treasures of mother earth. 

Imagine the beaches of Thailand in the 60s, before cheap flights and Instagram took over.  

As a result, I had booked this 10 day holiday and I didn't realize...there was nothing to do. 

No internet, no pubs...just local food, fishing trips, scooter rides along the coast, and the occasional swig of the local beverages. 

It was the best vacation ever.  

Vacation Planning Needs Down Time

I understand the pain points of modern vacation planning.  We have to check:

  • every review on trip advisor,
  • nail every meal,
  • see very local spot,
  • check out the "hidden" beach in Bali which happens to be on Google Maps. 

I get it. 


But don't we end up just feeling the complete opposite of relaxed when we come home?

I'm not saying just sit on the beach with a book for 9 days.  That's boring too. 

But keep some time to...maybe...explore...not just the cafes but also ourselves? 

Nailing every hour with sights and reviews and restaurants isn't really exploring at's just going on a guided tour to experience 30 things in 30 minutes so much that we experience nothing. 

People Don't Experience...the Experience. 

One of my friends and I were on the Big Island in Hawaii, and we decided what the heck...let's splurge on a helicopter tour. 

We had 30 minutes to see volcanos and just live it up. 

This guy spent 10 of those 30 minutes (valued at $120) on his phone.  5 of those minutes was taking the pictures of the lava, and the other 5 was on putting it on Instagram.  

He couldn't even wait to get on the ground. 

The best vacations are the ones where things are not rushed, not in a hurry, but we're actually enjoying the time by the pool, at brunch or just reveling in the sunset. 

And I don't mean go push your friends to hurry up at 4PM to get at table at that one terrace restaurant because they have the best view of the sunset. 


Is the view of the sunset from this balcony better than the one from next door? Aren't we all eventually going to look at the same place?

Be in the know, then go wit the flow!

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