Lessons After 6 Months in Business

We've been in business a little over a year now and what a ride it's been. 

From hating corporate life to missing it to everything in between, I thought it's finally time to start a blog and document the process. 

I hope it helps some of our readers but also knocks some sense into others, present company included. 

Five Lessons from Corporate to E-Commerce

1. Less Is More

After I quit my job I just wanted to travel around the world.  But then after a few months in South East Asia and Australia I was longing to do something again. I had so many ideas and so many failed ventures before this one took off. 

Ultimately, sticking to stuff that was true to me (Asian culture, Asian food, peace of mind and being a fan productivity hacks) led me to find the suppliers we see here today.  It's hard to narrow down, but if we try to do everything nobody knows what we're good at. 

I don't eat at multi-cuisine restaurants, I eat at Chinese or Mexican or whatever.  Niche is in. 

2. Combine Ingredients for the Best Recipe

Then adjust. 

I had experience in streaming platforms, accounting, shopping (duh), HR, Yoga, Korean and South Asian cusiine.  My partners all knew business, technical knowledge, marketing and how to focus and make mistakes. 

A year later, here we are.  

It's surprising how the sum of experience ends up helping even when we don't realize.  I hated working in HR after a few months but it's been so helpful now with our staff. 

3. Proof Of Concept

It's never been a more exciting time to test an idea.

Someone can try making a movie about a certain idea, or they can test it out with a short film, an IGTV, a blog article or who knows what. 

Every medium has a form and if a product we design gets a lot of questions when I'm sampling it out, then I have the confidence to approach local manufacturers. 

If it doesn't, I see what social media thinks. 

If nothing, well it won't be here. 

But at the same time, sometimes we go with our gut (like the silly Punjabi shirts) because we just know it's going to work. 

lessons from business in bali

4. Use the Phone Responsibly

The TV was around for 50 years and was the only thing we had. 

Schools could update their lessons on how to use it responsibly and see the effects on society. 

Moore's law shows that phones are changing us faster than we realize. 

I've never had better results online than when I learn to do stuff offline. A dealer never goes overboard sampling the product and as opposed to just saying "stay off them gadgets" (and do what then?) all I can say is find a way to use it responsibly. 

Those timers rarely work but stepping out of the house or even going to the nearby store without it will make someone feel like they're 15 again.  Notice how there is a long missed smile at the shopkeeper. 

Been a while right?

5. It's Never Been Easier

While we're still growing, early on we had logistics issues, shop issues, tech issues and a bunch of other things that just had me going "Why are we even doing this???" 

I don't mean to simplify anything but we all know most solutions are a google search away. 


I wish everyone all the best in whichever journey life has in store (get it?) for all of us. 

Sarah Shah is a core member of QuirkyMasala, nerd for all things Pashmina and always up for a chat in the comments. 

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