Irony: I'm In a Hurry..To Learn Patience

Thank You For Your Patience

I use an app on my keep me away from my phone. 

Bit strange right?

As I write this post it's Thanksgiving, but I'm in Singapore on a short stopover to visit some friends and use some expiring points. 

Gotta love consumerism right? 

Last time I was here I watched Ronny Chieng (look him up) do a comedy set about how America loves it's gadgets and apps and Amazon Prime. 

Man, how much tech and speed have we gotten used to?

I understand that time is money.  But just like we can make more money and never spend it, what is the average person doing with all that inner processing?

People often ask us why we don't add extra fast shipping options on our products. 


Unless there is a sunset to catch, then I understand fam. 


Well, for exactly that reason.  Nothing we sell here is super urgent, and if someone really want to pay $25 overnight shipping on a $30 product then our message isn't clear. 

Thank You For Being Patient

Patience in 2020 is going to be a competitive advantage.

Those who learn to wait, just like those who still choose to memorize things even though it's always a google search away...will do just fine. 


Thank You For Your Understanding and Thank You for Being My Friend

In our personal relationships we also forget that our partners and friendships aren't as quick as google nor should they be.  Although communication is instant our thoughts still take time, and the arbitrage between the medium and the message should be, pun intended...well thought out. 

Just because my friend told me something and I haven't replied yet doesn't mean I'm ignoring it. I'm just processing it as I can, and even the fastest CPU has a fan that needs to cool it down. 


We all get annoyed in our Ubers, lucky however to have the entire world in our phone to keep us occupied. 

What are we going to do on spinning your heels by getting home 10 minutes earlier? 

Sit back, relax...and let time do its thing.

We're all going to get to tomorrow at the same time. 


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