Go Slow to Go Fast

We live in an extremely fast paced world, yet our minds are lazier than ever. 

Attention has been swiped right before our eyes and those who focus their attention on well...their attention are bound to succeed. 

Social media counts a view at three seconds, the average website has a 12 second time on page before losing interest, and we want the following on the tap of a thumb: 

  • Food
  • Company
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment

My own brother spent thousands of dollars spending Facebook Ads trying to improve his wedding business one summer. 

I asked him about it a year later and he said "Man that's such a waste of money.'

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Time Will Pass Anyways

He wanted overnight success instead of understanding that you have to do things organically first, build a presence, give away some free content and you know, get your consumer trusting you. 

He spent $3,000, said Facebook ads (and digital ads) were a waste, and a year later he was still just getting business through word of mouth. 

At the same time, I was building up his SEO presence by writing articles just like this.

And you know what, after a year, slowly, through little trickles from Google and word of mouth and a better understanding of ads and YouTube and a bunch of other stuff, his business is now doing what he wanted it to. 

We are miles ahead of people who spent that same year trying quick hacks and victories, and after a year...we're ahead. 

They're still at zero. 

Slow and steady wins the race...especially in an era of speed and instant gratification.



Go slow to go fast my friends. 

Someone could try to fall in love over a week, or get rich in a month...or they could take their time and do it right, using the good parts of technology make CERTAIN TASKS (e.g. a graphic designer) go faster. 

A one or two year "GET RICH QUICK" scheme is just fine by me. 

Patience Is A Competitive Advantage

In the new digital world, those who stop trying to be like everyone else are going to be the ones who succeed. 

I'm not saying that a person needs to sit in Bali and eat fruit bowls all day (although I love those), but they can easily be the best version of themselves if they learn when to go quick and when to go slow. 

Go slow to go fast!


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