Don't Confuse Being Busy with Productive

I was talking to a friend the other day and noticed how he was always occupied.

On the phone, checking emails, putting out fires and just moving from one task to the next. 

When I asked him how it was going, he said he wanted to quit his job and move to Bali. 


busy is not productive

Have a Plan for the Self

The corporate world gets a bad rap. 

PowerPoint, strategies, meetings...I get it, a lot of it is extra fluff and sometimes we don't need to have a meeting for well, discussing another meeting. come we don't take the best parts of this and do it for ourselves?

Resolutions are always broken, but it's good to at least have plans and goals. 

Ask any corporate raider who is 25 or 35 and say "Hey what should life be in five years?" and I guarantee most haven't actually thought about it. 

They know they want money and a house, but nobody has actually thought beyond that.  


busy isn't productive

Deep Work Requires Deep Thinking

We consume ourselves with such lazy tasks, like:

  • answering emails
  • fluffing decks together
  • deciding what to order

that we very rarely think things through. 

I'm talking, like hardcore, renaissance level thinking where we actually whiteboard our mind. 

I'm not saying go eat pay love in Bali or the Himalayas to find inner meaning, but we all do need to travel way further...deep inside. 

Meditate, workout, sleep in, skip the bars...whatever works. 

But please, for lack of a better way to say it, get comfortable with boredom, take out a notepad and try to make a strategy plan for life. 

Go ahead and toss it out after, but I guarantee this five minute exercise will do way more than any yoga course will. (But do those too because Yoga is awesome). 


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